I Love Candy!

I was browsing the kindergarten bloggs last week and someone wrote about this great math game. I'm sorry that I can't remember who you are, but thanks!!! We played it today and boy oh boy was it a hit. Each child brought a little baggie of ten candy wrappings. We placed piles on each table and then they sorted them making up their own sorting rules. Some great thinking was going on.  Here are some examples; by size, colour, font, chocolate/not chocolate, soft/not soft, shape, clear/not clear and many more. We will play the game again on Monday and I will take pictures. I think the kids might even make a class book titled of course I Love Candy and we can use the photos accompanied by their sorting rule. I feel pretty confident that many of the kids will add their page to their e-portfolio. I am discovering that working with the students to select portfolio exemplars is much easier than I anticipated. Having clear criteria is very helpful. I am also surprised that many want to make the decision on their own.

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