Rest Day

Today is my second official rest day. I will be resting my shoulder for the next six months by not teaching or team teaching on Wednesdays.This morning we did a little team teaching for math and then I pulled a few student aside to work in a small group. This afternoon I decided to be productive and begin to create the eportfolio slideshow template. I am posting my first draft but it will undergo many changes. Things I like are being able to choose features like the font, background colour and photos. Things I don't like is having to search through photo folders for student pictures. I now know that a simple but specific title for picture folders will save me time.

While the kinders can certainly decide which exemplar they want to be in the portfolio, they cannot imagine what a portfolio is so I will share the first draft with them early next week. That will enable me to make changes requested by the kinders on my next rest day, November 30th.

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