I am back with my original blog template. It is so bright and cheery!!! It reminds me of how comfortable and clean our home is when when take down the Christmas decorations. My birthday is just around the corner and my AMAZING!!!! family is treating me to my very own blog button. Hopefully it will arrive by my special day.

As we wind up our Polar Region project I am going to surprise my Kinders with a little polar party on Thursday afternoon. Just a few games, some polar treats and revisiting a favourite book and songs. Lots of fun!!! If I have time to take pics I will post them afterwards.

We have the best luck!! On Thursday a new student, Natasha, will join our class. I know that the kids will welcome her as just as they did Kyra. We are full now so unless someone moves away, no more children will join our group this year.

Something to plan for is that we are approaching 100 days of school next month. Last year Mrs. Inglis and I planned a special number day to celebrate 100 days of school. It was such a success that we are doing it again. Each child will be asked to bring in a collection of 100 items. Mrs. Inglis, Mrs Dodd and I will make a plan and send home a newsletter to provide you with the date and details.

I have made a special bookmark to alert you to class newsletters posted on our blog. I am hoping to reduce the use of paper by using the bookmark each time I post classroom news instead of sending home a paper newsletter I will put the bookmark in the folder. Please leave it in the folder, then it can be used again the next time that I post a newsletter. If you want to continue to receive a paper newsletter I will continue to do so.

Finally, I have contacted Flipside Gymnastics to organize some spring lessons at their wonderful gym. I am still waiting for confirmation, but I am hoping for four lessons in early spring.

Mrs. McCaw

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