Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Spring Literacy Work Stations

We changed our routine for literacy stations this week, and I was really impressed with how independent my Kinders are. Up until now they have been choosing the station and partnering up with a peer who wants to do the same station. While this was working very well it took awhile to organize... a good thing.. but with the return to afternoon recess last week, I felt like I was rushing them to make a decision and they were left with little time to really use the station.

New Beginnings

Literacy Work Station Management SystemNow the Kinders have been assigned a partner and station. They have about 12 minutes at the station. They do one station each day.  Each station includes choices at to provide diversity and encourage decision making.  I purchased the station cards from Mrs. Jones at  TPT. She included simple, explicit labels for the pocket chart. They were really affordable and easy to download and print. Her format is comparable to a great professional book  by Debbie Diller

Literacy Work Stations Literacy Stations: Making Centres Work
Here are our April Stations

Big Books
I put out new big books for the month and students may choose from that selection or the class made books. These books are usually theme related but there are always a couple that emphasis rhyme and repetition. This month we have some great big books from the district resource centre.

Listening Station
I put out six audio tradebooks for the month and students choose from that grouping. Although they have had lots of practice using the cassette player, I do have a green and red dot on the machine for a reminder.

Pocket Chart
There are three choices at this station: rebuild familiar songs/poems, practice our new poem, match beginning sounds and when  approproiate they can match letters.

Poetry/Song Journals
Practice last week's song/poem (which is already glued into their journals) using a mini pointer and then draw a picture on the adjacent page. The picture must match the poem/song.

I put out four choices at this time of year; 3 letter word puzzles, an Easter memory game using three letter words, Boggle and a rhyming game.

Creation Station
This is new and is the current teacher station. Students can create a puppet, picture, painting or collage to match a book or current theme.

Reading Buddies
Students can choose a puppet or stuffy and sit side by side on the sofa with a book tub. They "read" the books together.
Writing Station
This station also has many choices. They can roll a number die and practice printing pre-selected high frequency words, write the room, rainbow writing, play hangman or write about a classroom story usng special writing paper.

ABC Station
Although almost all of the students know their letter names and sounds they sometimes forget what it looks like out of context. This station provides much needed regular practice with letter matching through games, stamping and use of manipulatives.


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