Brown Bear, Brown Bear

We are having so much fun with this book! I borrowed the story cd from my colleague so they are hearing it at the listening centre, chanting it at circle time, playing with the felt story, an eye spy rice shaker with story pictures, and making their own retelling story sticks. 

There are so many great activities at my fellow blog sites for building their oral language and just plain having fun! Their current favourite is using the story magnets that I found in Tofino this fall to retell the story at the beginning of daily five. I hand out the character magnets and then as we chant through the story each student participant brings up the magnet and puts it on the teaching easel. Then we retell it again and they return and take it away (great math too!). We have been doing sensory finger painting and next week will end this fun book with a wall story using their finger paintings as well as adding an emergent reader to their independent reading folders.

Here are a few terrific sites for great resources.

Have fun!!


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