Leaf Bowls in Kindergarten

Leaf Bowls

This year I have been reading about anxiety in school age children and made a few changes to my program. One of the fun changes has been adding a second Big buddy class to our program. Each week we meet with Mrs. Cairns grade three students to do a nature activity such as a nature craft, forest visit or investigation.

The grade three students have taught the kinders two crafts this year that were very successful. Mrs. Cairns teachers her students first and then the following week they teach the same craft one to one to my students. The activity is filled with plenty of conversation, laughter and a perfect way to build relationships with older students in our growing school and expand our community of learners to include another twenty four students.

Our first visit together was a simple nature craft that Mrs. Cairns had done with her students. They made dragonflies using maple seeds, twigs and white glue. Our second visit was more complex and fortunately we had two parent volunteers; Angela and Audrey as it was quite messy and a bit of organization to set up and clean up (note to self buy three shower curtains for the tables). 

We mixed a batch of glue and water and the children painted their leaves to the underside of a bowl. It took some patience because the children had to paint several layers to flatten the leaves onto the curved surface which had been wrapped in saran wrap. When dry, they peeled off the saran wrap and it released from the leaf bowl.

Sunday, November 15, 2015 6:51 AM

Sunday, November 15, 2015 6:51 AM

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