Little Visitors and Self Regulation

This morning we did something wonderful, we invited The Departure Bay Eco Preschool to join us for story time and play. It was tremendous much fun to watch the younger children play with the Kinders. This was one of those days that I really wanted to post photos of the children!!!

We taught them our new game of Cat and Mouse and the Kinders chased the little "mice" in and out of the circle and gently pawed their backs to catch them. One very tiny girl was laughing so hard as she ran that she did not realize that she had been tagged.  She kept running and the Kinder kept chasing. It was wonderful!! I was very impressed with how gentle the older students were and how they slowed their bodies down during the chase as they got close to their "mouse". This morning was another wonderful example of how much their physical self regulation has grown this year. 

Later in the forest the children played alongside each other. We discovered a bird's nest built inside a tree, two baby slugs, some fungus and a snail. Mrs. deGroot our teacher guest commented on how impressed she was with the gentleness that the children treated the mini creatures in the forest.l 

A final highlight was when Evan began to entertain us with his drumming a favourite tune using two sticks and a circle of rocks. 

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