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Kindergarten News November 2018 #2

Nature Art With Our Grade Two Big Buddies

It was wonderful to be away studying in Italy and just as wonderful to return to familiar faces and routines!!!  I have updated the Offsite Google document to include December however since it is such a busy month some of the activities may change. 

VIU Preservice Teachers are preparing for their two-week practicum which will begin on December 3rd. They will be collaboratively planning a project on Relationships and Cultural celebrations which will include Chinese New Year and First Nations Art. 

As they will be full time every day for two weeks we will not require parent supervisors for offsite visits and cooking.   We will have rehearsals for the Christmas concert during these weeks so our offsite schedule may move to mid morning or afternoons as we work around Mrs. Lambert's concert schedule.

Our family potluck will be on their final practicum day and we think that a multi-cultural luncheon would be a wonderful wrap up to their project. If you have a family favourite from your culture please plan on sharing that dish.  

Our family christmas gift will be sent home the Friday prior to winter break, please keep away from pets as it will include christmas cookies, a tree ornament, a gift tag and family gift.

Math Learning the children are beginning a study on composing and decomposing numbers as well as expanding pattern work to include complex patterns (3 parts).
The children will also continue with daily practice of Kindergarten math concepts using partner play with math activities like dot card memory, nature patterns, number splat and card games. 
This month I introduced the estimation jar with daily opportunities to practice making a good estimate using what they know as well as using surveys to collect and analyze data.
Social Emotional Learning -the children have been sharing and discussing social stories and being encouraged to discuss different solutions using a strategy Think Pair Share. For example one social story which emerged this month was who will be the line caboose? The children participated in a guided discussion trying to find a solution.
Cooking over the next three weeks will be pizza (Friday), scones and Christmas cookies. 
Writing- the children and I have co-created their first word wall which includes many words that have appeared in their stories i.e.:  dog, cat, log, sun, …
Writing conferences resumed this week with the children checking story criteria or sharing the story. I am trying to meet with two children each day. 
This week they will be required to begin to write a simple sentence to accompany their story ie. A dog. A cat. I love my mom. ….
Art - children will continue with mini drawings introduced last week, using our colourful collection of sharpies as well as be introduced to oil pastels and poster paint beginning with a guided art activity.
Water-colour paints will continue to be available to the children.
In November the children made their first clay project (picture frames) with our artist Anne Marie’s guest visit and will be practicing this week with pinch pot cats in small groups. We have beautiful clay as Ann Marie was so impressed with the children that she left a whole slab of clay for them to use. My colleague at Frank Ney has kindly offered to fire the frames this weekend. If you have access to a kiln we would really appreciate the support of firing the next project - mini clay pinch pots. 
Assessment -All of the children have now practiced uploading a math post to their e-portfolio account, while many enthusiastic children have added a second post on number groupings, patterns or creative thinking. During December the children will continue with adding Teacher guided posts with an audio comment on a writing workshop sample.

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