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Kindergarten News September 2018

Created by Finn

Family Reading-Please join us Friday mornings for family reading beginning this Friday September 28th. We will begin at 8:45 and end at 9:00. Enter through the school front door and join us in room 115. Parents, extended family, caregivers and siblings are welcome to join us.Please expect other children to join you if they do not have anyone visiting that day. I will drum to let you know that the session is over.

School Supply Fee $25.00-I have purchased most of the student supplies. If you have not yet paid, please send in your child's fee in an envelope with your child's name. If you are unable to cover the fee, please let the office know. 

Student Supplies-Please ensure that your child has a change of clothes and running shoes at school. Also, because the outdoor program will begin this week, if your child does not have a well fitted backpack, I recommend replacing it with one of our 30 MEC outdoor backpacks purchased through a grant (a one year loaner to your family).


Math-We have been busy counting objects, creating patterns and doing sorting activities using loose part materials. The children have enjoyed many counting songs and rhymes as well as math picture books. 

Language Arts- One of the frameworks introduced last week is Writing Workshop. Writing Workshop is a daily writing program that begins with a read aloud, mini lesson, interactive drawing & writing, and ends with the children drawing their own picture story. This month we are working on story picture criteria and writing their own name. 

Monthly Calendar Oct/Nov– On Monday I am sending home the classroom calendar which will include the show and tell schedule for your child, the family potluck date, professional development and district inservice days as well as any upcoming special events. I will be away for a week in November doing a work study in Italy with a group of teachers from our school district, including Mrs. Noble, our adminstrator.

Offsite Schedule – I have planned to begin our offsite mornings on Monday September 24th. We will leave immediately after attendance. The children will bring their back packs and have their snack offsite. We will walk to the Departure Bay seashore for story, exploration and snack. 

Please send your child to school dressed for the seashore, including a waterproof rain jacket, waterproof rain pants (or raintsuit) and boots. I will have our three VIU preservice teachers for this week so we will not require parent supervisors. However, I will send an email with next week's offsite schedule so that you can decide what days you are available.

I recommend having two bread bags and a pair of socks  kept in your child's backpack in case he/she gets wet feet. Then we can simply change his/her socks, line the wet boot with a bread bag and keep feet dry until we return to school.

Thanks and have a lovely family weekend

Mrs. McCaw

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