Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Kindergarten News February 2019

The children have continued to enjoy our water colour paints this month. I introduced painter's tape in January and then washi tape this month. While they will continue to work with water colour paints, the children will also be working with clay and be introduced to a new art material, pastels this month.

We enjoyed hot chocolate twice this week!!!  During our return walk from Departure Bay Beach we were invited to stop at the Drip and the second time with the school Green Team on Friday morning during Sweater Day. Some of the children even wore their hats indoors to keep warm as we dropped the school temperature four degrees for one day.

Megan came and made heart and alphabet pancakes with the children on Thursday morning, after our beach visit, with our cooks Georgia and Henry. 

Julie from the VIRL visited us on Thursday afternoon to share highlights from our local library followed by a hilarious puppet show about Rapunzel (who has a hearing deficit!!!). So sorry all of the pictures include children so cannot be posted on the blog.

On Monday morning we will begin to decorate our Valentine bags for the upcoming special day. If you have some time on Monday morning, you are welcome to stay and help with the decorating. I will prepare some of the materials ahead of time.

Please send have your child bring in his/her valentine cards on Tuesday & Wednesday to make sorting into bags easier.

Our visit to the North Island Animal Recovery Centre was memorable. Kathleen introduced a Barred Owl to the children, was very responsive to their questions and was a excellent speaker; patient, kind and knowledgeable. The children were very careful to speak quietly so that the owl did not get frightened and were an attentive audience. 

The children's knowledge about forest animals was impressive during our very cold outdoor tour of the animals living at the recovery centre. The children asked many questions and shared their knowledge about forest animals on Vancouver Island. 

The rich information shared and curiosity of the children made me appreciate the value of special guests.Together with Mrs. King I am applying for a new grant for outdoor learning for the school. The grants will cover the travel costs for the school district bus (up to $274. per visit). I hope to share the bus costs to double the experience with two trips to the Rathtreavor Nature Centre together with Mrs. King when the weather warms up as well as a visit to Milner Gardens with Mrs. Radigan, to participate in the two centre's education outreach programs. 


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