Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Kindergarten News March 2019

Kindergarten Outdoor Program moved successfully to Wardstrupp Forest for Wednesday and Friday mornings and will continue with Departure Bay Seashore on Thursday mornings. We spent the first few weeks exploring the new forest and now have established our boundaries, safety rules and even begun to label areas like the climbing tree, the fairy forest and the bog. 

The children have also noticed a large amount of garbage in the forest so I brought tongs on Friday and they took turns picking up garbage.

The children have been enjoying some risky play as they travel across the bridge to the bog (yes the mud is deep and sticky), climb over stumps and nursing logs and carry branches to build bridges and walls. 

Last week we began to decorate the forest with nature art using "twirling twigs" and have plans to add fairy homes next Wednesday using clay and some berries as gifts for the fairies. It has been very successful thanks to the parent support for the walk to the forest as well as supervision of play and activities. It was especially nice to have some grandparents join us for the walk and activities.

On Friday Alex (Ryker's mom) visited and baked chocolate chip cookies with the children while Aubrey monitored her two year old daughters classroom adventure.

The children have been busy working collaboratively planning and painting a mural for the library together with Mrs. King's grade two children and Mrs. Carver's grade four children. This project has been ongoing for about three weeks and is nearing completion. 

What's Next In Art?? The children's interest in recycled materials and garbage littered throughout the new forest has sparked a new art project. They will be using recycled materials to create a fish mural for the hallway. If you have small garbage or recycled loose parts which would support this program please send to school in a small container.

Spring Home Reading Program will begin the end of March. I have a small collection of emergent books which I am able to share with families. If you sign up your child will have time each day to select a new book to bring home for nightly reading, along with a tracking sheet for you to complete. Because of the limited number of books families will need to return the books each day for a new one.

The current Math study on two dimensional shapes has proceeded with math play using a variety of materials, read aloud and partner talk three mornings a week. The learning intention is for the children to accurately identify five basic shapes; triangle, square, rectangle, circle and hexagon. 

The children's math group play includes four stations; matching loose parts with shape photographs, playing with pattern blocks, building shapes with connectors and matching photographs to shapes. We have read many shape books, made collaborative shape posters using magazine cut outs and next week they will create shape art pictures. 
The children collected twigs and bark for Mrs. Thompson's grade 7 class to help with their bird feeder
project for Wardstrupp Forest. Stellan carried the basket all the way back to school and delivered it to the grade sevens!!

Social Emotional Learning I have continued to support the children with the strategies referred to in our February Kindergarten Newsletter with good success. I am the Kindness Detective and have been identifying children who are being kind and supportive of their peers. I have made a celebration mural in the hallway to share examples of children observed being kind and there are many heartwarming examples 💕. 

To continue to support SE growth I have introduced Board Games. Please join us for the final hour of Friday as we play board games 1:45 to 2:30. These children's board games will provide practice for turn taking, rules, listening and being a good sport. It would be helpful to have 2 or 3 parents join us. This week we played Candy Land and Snakes & Ladders with 2 game boards of each. 

Also if you have a family favourite board game to share please let me know and we will plan a Friday for you to bring it in.



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