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April 13th Kindergarten News

April 13th
Kindergarten News
Education begins the moment that we see children as capable and curious

Outdoor Learning

It is so wonderful for the children to have two teachers each day. This will enable us to have our morning recess at Wardstrupp, when convenient, during our onsite days. We will need only one parent to accompany us to Neck Point while Mrs. Qiu is on practicum.
Literacy Learning
We have been playing some new literacy games using the Kindergarten sight words each day. I have planned a mix of circle games and small group games. The current favourite seems to be a word wall game where the children compete in two teams to spell and read sight words.
Math Learning
Mrs. Qiu introduced measurement to the children this week beginning with creating a paper crazy sock and having the children using loose parts to measure their sock. They will continue with this unit of study next week. We are also continuing with Daily Math Investigations and enjoying some math in the forest using dice and sticks as well as counting jars on Monday mornings.
Friday Board games are continuing and will begin at 1:45. Please join us if you are able. It is great to have an adult leader with each board game.  Stellan has been a great leader and had taught Snakes and Ladders to quite a few children while Henry Lutz has been teaching Trouble.

Science Learning

There is always lots of science happening in the spring as our landscape changes and grows. We have five tubs with potatoes growing in the classroom which will soon move into the garden. Mrs. Radigan and I have ordered caterpillars which will arrive around April 23rd We have also ordered chicken eggs which will incubate in our classrooms once the weather warms up, probably late April.

In the meantime, Mrs. Qiu has already introduced her fun study on Force and Motion. Some of this will take place indoors and other times at the seashore (where else to shoot a rocket!!).

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