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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

May 11th Kindergarten News

The children have been engaged in the estimation jar routine which we have resumed in May. The daily activity is generating lots of math talk as they figure out how many objects were added or removed from the day before.

The children had quite a bit of fun with our magic beans last week. They planted the magic beans then eagerly checked the pot each day looking for changes. Initially there were small lollipops but after a good watering they were surprised to see them grow!

The children have continued to enjoy story play in the morning after talking circle and are working together to create amazing stories using loose parts. It is so inspiring to listen to their stories and I am appreciative of how collaboratively they are working together. We are continuing to share our story play resources with Mrs. King. 

The swallowtail butterflies arrived last week and have shed their skin and are growing quickly. On Thursday we moved them to an aquarium so that they can create a chrysalis and be easily observed by the children. We will continue Mrs Qiu's study of life cycles comparing plants with butterflies. We were in the garden on Wednesday with Shar, our school gardener, and our potato plants are enormous.  We tasted lemon plants and had a close look at the strawberries. We are looking forward to harvesting our potato plants and then of course counting and cooking the potatoes.

We dug up some compost and worms while we were there to study in the classroom for a week or so. 

You may have noticed the counting jar sheets that were sent home this month. Each Monday morning the children work with a math partner to count objects in the jars. The children are now working with larger numbers and many are using skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's to achieve accuracy with the larger numbers. They are practicing recording their math problem solving by drawing the container and printing the number of objects in each container then figuring out the total. This activity is excellent preparation for grade one. 

The children enjoyed our SPCA presentation on Monday. Blaire was an excellent presenter as they talked about empathy with each other and with animals.

The children had a wonderful visit to Neck Point on Thursday morning. Thanks so much to Curtis' grand parents for helping with adult supervision. A large group played the Lava Game, we all played the stick game using dice and ended the morning with a wide area game, Camouflage and the Counting Circle game. It was a busy, but fun filled morning.

I have finished student assessments for writing workshop and sent home all of the work samples with the assessment sheet. This week I will begin working with students on math assessment trying to meet with two students each day. I will also continue with writing conferences and post the May stories in the hallway.

The emergent book swap program had a slight delay this week while we spent two days prepping Mother Day cards and wrapping the gifts. I was able to resume on Thursday and hope to continue this week. It will be harder to fit in with Mrs. Qiu gone so if there is a parent able to give a little time each day to do the book swap it was be an immense help.

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