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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

May 25th Kindergarten News

Feeling Crabby

We had a wonderful day at Rathtrevor this week and tremendous fun at Departure Bay Seashore and a return to Woodstream Park. Thank you to Alison, Jordie, Cheryl, Jamie, Tim and Meghan for helping with parent supervision at the DB Beach and Woodstream.

The Nature House at Rathtrevor was full of hands on activities and the children loved the forest play with new trees to climb and places for their favourite games. The seashore program "feeling crabby" was well organized and the children were engaged. Thank you to Rachel, Emily and Jamie for helping with supervision on this long day. Also, thanks to our families for sending robust lunches, hats and water this made very happy children:)

Our new math games this week were:

Make a number line

Fill The Frame

In Math, the children have finished their reflection sheets and are really excelling with counting, skip counting, composing and decomposing numbers as well as complex patterns. 

We have begun to review subitizing (instantly recognizing how many are in a set), number strings (what two numbers do you see?), as well as addition and subtraction to ten.

The Counting Jar Framework will continue on Monday mornings. I have noticed that the children are choosing larger numbers and working with their math partner with a focus and collaboration that is a privilege to observe. This is one of those times that I wish I could include photos of the children so you could see what I see when they are working together. 

I have created a new documentation wall outside of the classroom. This time the focus is on the Counting Jar Framework. If you are in the school please have a read.

Friday was our best day ever for Family Board Games. Emma and Aubrey's grandmother stopped in for a short while and the rest of the children played beautifully together. All family are welcome to join us on Friday afternoons. It is so nice to see the children bringing in games from home and teaching their peers how to play the game. Such wonderful leadership and initiative.

In Writing Workshop, I have finished meeting with the May writers and they have chosen a story for the wall in the hallway outside of our classroom. 

Most of the children are now writing sentences with at least two kindergarten sight words.  I have added a third word box for those who are writing longer stories. We are continuing with our interactive write and the children are taking turns bringing home one of our daily group writes. We are also playing sight word games to help children remember the sight words and those participating in the emergent reading program have ample opportunities to practice reading them.

Our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis this week and the children have taken many opportunities to have a close look. We will be releasing them in the garden early this week.

The chicken eggs are in their twelfth of twenty one day incubation and many of the children check them each day. Once they hatch we will keep them in the room for a few days.

This week they will begin to work on their science booklets choosing to write and illustrate the life cycle of a plant, butterfly or chicken.

I introduced blot painting to the children this week and most of them have made many butterflies which are on display in the hallway clothesline. We also continued with painting large pictures, inspired by Mrs. King's grade two students, and the children have almost finished their pieces which have featured flowers and will add the black outlining and decorating features on Monday.

I am just finishing up my assessment and beginning to write the summative report cards. Mrs. Irving is helping with literacy assessment of rhyme, syllables and sight words as we complete a year end assessment.

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