Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Summer Fun

Whew!!! It has been a busy month. I started a new fitness program "Fit To The Core" and have already lost 18.5 inches in four weeks! I traveled to PEI to celebrate my sister's wedding. While I was on Bracken Beach PEI, we sold our Nanaimo house. I flew home and we purchased an old house 100 feet from the beach. We love the potential of the house and have dozens of ideas of how to make it a beach house (well--almost on the beach) inside and out. Then I began one of my favourite jobs - teaching teachers!! I sometimes work as an educational consultant and so have spent the last two weeks in-servicing a team of four adults who will teach 20 highly vulnerable children to help prepare them for Kindergarten. On Saturday I got my book back from a friend who is an editor and she gave some excellent ideas to round out the book before it officially goes to be edited. Whew!! Did I say busy? Let's add fun and exciting.

Thank goodness that school does not start for another month. I need a few more beach days and to read at least one book from my summer stack and a few more early evening paddles.


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Daily Five Word Work Stations

As we move into our final few weeks of kindergarten I have planned fluency word work stations for my students. I want them to continue to have daily practice with letter names and sounds, sight words and rhyming words.

This week students are playing:

Build a Sight Word: I put five paper bags in a tub with magnetic letters to build all of the words written on the outside of the bag. Students can work with a partner to build the words together or work independently.

Rhyming Go Fish: I found these wonderful picture cards at our local teacher store and then made up the game. Students begin with one card, if another player has a match they ask for it otherwise he/she picks a new card from the pile. The object is to collect as many matches as they can.

Printing Practice: Students practice printing using directional models with shaving cream.

Roll A Letter: Students write target letters on bottom of game sheet. They roll a letter die and if one of their letters comes up then they write it on the next row. If wild comes up then the roller chooses what letter they will write.

Pocket Chart Sort: Students sort picture cards into alphabet pockets using the beginning sound.