Sunday, 3 April 2016

Kindergarten News April 3rd

Dear Families,
We are at the forest Mon, Wed, Thur and Fri this week. We are waiting for the seashore to become available and then will switch locations. Please have your child wear a sun hat now that the warm weather has finally arrived.
Our classroom will be buzzing with life this month as caterpillars are arriving Wednesday and should be in the classroom by Thursday. We are looking for frog eggs so if you come across some please collect a few for us. We are also waiting for fertilized eggs from a farmer on Gabriola who is bringing them in later this week. The cost for our caterpillars will be funded by a grant. The eggs are a generous donation.
Miss Carpenter will be the teacher in charge this week for the mornings and part of the afternoon. She is working on a measurement unit for math as well as life cycles for science. We will continue with Daily Five as well as Daily Math Practice of familiar math concepts.
I am planning two field trips while Miss Carpenter is with us. We are hoping to go to Morrell Sanctuary as well as a nice hike at Westwood Lake. The facilitator fee for Morrell Sanctuary is being paid for through a grant that Mrs. Frey obtained. Families will be asked to cover the bus cost.
Thank you,
Mrs. McCaw & Miss Carpenter

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Kindergarten News March 5th

Dear Parents,
It has been a busy and fun week.  Report cards are finished and will come home this week. While a lot of work, it is a real pleasure to write about your child and share their successes. After spring break I will be inviting Kindergarten parents to come for an early evening make and take session. I would like to provide this opportunity for parents to make some playful and fun literacy games to do at home.

Mrs Frey and I visited Fernwood Elementary, Saltspring Island on Thursday. They have two multi-age primary classrooms (k,1,2,3) in a K to 5 school. It was such a great opportunity to connect with other nature primary teachers, observe the children and tour the facility---which included five chickens and a small nature playground. The class has a beach morning, a forest morning and a garden morning. The remaining two days are spent mostly onsite but still a half day outdoors. Thursday was a garden day. The children were in 3 groups; seed planters, potatoe planters and the third group had the pleasure of working with grade five mentors to turn over garden beds to work in the horse manure from a local farm.
Friday forest morning had to be one of our most fun times this year. The children lined up on the big log and did puddle jumping into about 18" of muddy water! I loved watching them take turns, help one another when they got stuck and all of the wonderful imaginative play that happened. I don't remember anyone complaining about the rain. Thank you so much for dressing your child for rainy weather. It makes the experience so much more successful for the children when they are warm and dry (except for some leaky boots).
This week we will be doing some Easter crafts and talking some more about family and friends. Please send in four hardboiled eggs for the students to decorate on Wednesday morning. White eggs colour much easier than brown.
This coming Thursday we will be going to Beban Adventure Park with Mr. Olsen's grade K/1 class. While one group is in the adjoining forest the other will enjoy the adventure playground. We will have snack together and then switch locations. Ms. Logan our school EA will be accompanying our classes on this fun morning adventure.
Our forest mornings this week will be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
In math, the students have been writing number picture stories for the numbers five and six as well as sorting small objects into number sets. I have been doing guided writing for the stories during writing conferences.
In literacy, Alex's grandmother as well as our grade 7 volunteers have been working with students on literacy practice play while I do some guided writing with students who are journaling. If you would like to join us for Daily Five literacy block we are looking for a Monday volunteer during 10:30 to 11:45.
Dates to remember:
Monday - potatoe planting
Monday - Scholastic Book Orders due
Wednesday - egg art with Miss Carpenter
Thursday- Beban Park Adventure Playground
Friday -final day before spring break

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Kindergarten News February 14th

Happy Valentine Day!!

We had a wonderful party thanks to our family volunteers. The children moved between Mr. Olsen's K/1 classroom and our own choosing which activities to do. It was very busy and the students seemed to enjoy themselves. When Miss Carpenter does her spring practicum in April/May we are already planning a spring fling.

On Friday morning we hung valentine hearts on a neighbourhood tree on Bay street that we walk by and often have circle conversations under. Our goal is to hang 100 hearts, so far we have hung about 50. This Wednesday we will hang some more with our grade 3/4 big buddies.

Our pizza last week was delicious. Since we have been talking and reading about friendship, this coming Thursday our class is making a friendship fruit salad. Each child will contribute a small portion. On Monday we will plan our recipe and students will bring home a note with the contribution your family will make. Please send small servings for only two. For example if you child is bringing blueberries then please send two servings or a half cup. I will provide some whipped cream or sherbet.

Our family potluck lunch is this coming Friday afternoon in the multipurpose room. We will begin at 12:20.  Please bring your family favourite. 

This week I will continue with my assessment to help with report card writing. Miss Carpenter will be teaching in the afternoon and assisting in the morning. I will also be continuing with the primary grades literacy intervention with Mrs. Frey coming into the classroom on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for one hour. Using this very successful model, we have bumped up eight students in the Grade one and Grade two classes to grade level. Our next target group will be the Grade three class.

I will be away Monday morning at a district meeting for kindergarten planning and again this coming Friday for a Kindergarten conference in Abbotsford with the school primary team. Miss Stewart will be the TTOC for both absences. Our class has been invited to Tsumanis school in Cedar for a forest walk and lunch. I will be visiting the forest site next week after school and then confirming a date for our class visit in early March.

As one of my grants just arrived I have ordered another bench for the classroom and set aside funds to cover our Zumba sessions. It is so interesting to notice that groups of children sit on the benches sometimes up to five!! They are such a lovely social group.

Forest mornings this week will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Thank you, Mrs. McCaw

Dates to remember:

Monday February 15th Mrs. McCaw away in AM
Wednesday February 17th Friendship fruit salad
Friday February 19th Mrs. McCaw away full day

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Kindergarten News February 7th

Dear Parents,

Happy Family Day! Our family is gathering together for a walk at Linley Valley, a big dinner and an evening of board games. At school we have been talking about family and friendship so Tuesday will be a great opportunity to talk about what families did on Family Day. 

Thank you to our families who joined us for the Linley Valley walk. The weather was great and the children enjoyed the walk, a little play time and then inviting our new friends back to the classroom for lunch and classroom play. We have been invited back to their school for a forest walk and lunch. We will make a plan and confirm a date in early March.

Our student teacher Miss Carpenter will be onsite each day for two weeks. She will be teaching two lessons each day and doing some of the transition work such as collecting and dismissing students and moving them from one activity to another. Here is a little note from Miss Carpenter.

A Little about Me

     Hello, my name is Jodie Carpenter, and I am a student teacher. You may have seen me outside the school or inside the classroom with Mrs. McCaw over the last couple of months. I am a 5th year student at Vancouver Island University and I will be graduating this June with my Bachelors of Education! I am 26 years old and I have previously taught Grade 2, 3, 5 and 6. This is my first time teaching Kindergarten; I am looking forward to all the exploring, fun, and learning we will get to have.
     Currently, I visit the classroom on Wednesday’s, but starting February 9th I will be working in the classroom every day until February 19th. During my two week stay we will be reading books, and completing projects all about Friendship! In the week of February 15th – 19th we will be making a ‘Friendship Fruit Salad’. I will send home more details about this next week.
     Starting March 29th I will be working in the classroom for 6 weeks. This will conclude my practicum experience for my degree! I will send more details about those 6 weeks as we get closer to the date.
     I really look forward to growing and learning with you and your child over the next few months!

Jodie Carpenter

In music, our class has been busy learning their new songs for the school musical which will be performed at the Port Theatre later this spring. This has meant students have met with two other classes each week for an extra music session with Mrs. Obradovic.

Student 100 collections have been trickling in. We will begin to share and create a display on Tuesday. In the classroom we have been skip counting by 5's and 10's to 100 as well as counting by 1's to 100. During math students have had multiple opportunities to sort objects into number sets using a die as well as some fun number movement games. We have continued with our Daily Math Partner work which includes patterning, counting, sorting, subtilizing and problem solving.

Our celebration on Friday will be between 1:45 and 2:30. Students from Mr Olsen's K/1 class and our K class will be doing special valentine and number stations. If you would like to join us please let me know.

Our forest mornings this week will be Wed, Thurs and Friday. On Wednesday we will be going to Milner Gardens with Mr. Olsen's K/1 class.

The conference in Victoria on Thursday night and all day Friday was very productive. I met many  teachers from K to 12 who shared the innovative work that their students are doing including grade 10/11 students who have classes at the museum in the afternoon and are working on designing and building exhibits for the museum.

Mrs. McCaw

Dates to remember:
February 10th  Milner Gardens
February 12th  Valentine & Number party
February 24th  Pink Shirt Day