Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tip Of The Week

Picture Schedule Cards

Printable daily picture schedule cards for preschool and kinder via

This week I have been working alongside our oldest daughter to set up her grade one classroom. These picture schedule cards are just what she needed to help her new Kiddos transition into grade one.

I found these wonderful picture schedule cards last year when I was looking to improve my schedule so that my youngest students could follow the schedule independently. I use a pocket chart like she recommends but my daughter laminated them and is using velcro buttons to keep her small calendar wall simple. Vanessa has created a large set of cards which should cover all of your schedule needs. They sell very inexpensively for 
$3.00. She also writes about how to use them and why they are a valuable tool in a primary classroom.

Here is the link in case you have been searching for resources for your primary classroom.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tip Of The Week

I have been super busy helping our daughter set up her new grade one classroom. When it came time to do the classroom library I went searching at all my favourite blogs for labels and discovered a terrific and free collection shared by A Place Called Kindergarten.  Here is the link...

Hope this saves you a little bit of time.


Friday, 27 June 2014

Moving Day!!!

I have accepted a new position teaching Kindergarten at Departure Bay Elementary School. While I am very sad to leave my colleagues and families at Cinnabar I am a firm believer in adventure and new experiences. My new school is piloting an eco-green curriculum that dovetails beautifully with my beliefs about play based environments.

Here is the school mission:

To become a school with an environmental focus that produces students who are environmentally literate by a using hands- on, interdisciplinary, place-based approach to provide students with meaningful and imaginative learning opportunities where students are constantly engaged in the natural world around our facility. 

Now you can see why I am so excited!!!! I am creating a second blog site to write about the nature kindergarten component. Be prepared to see lots of stories about outdoor play, outdoor learning and transforming school grounds.

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Boomerang Lunches In Kindergarten

Boomerang lunches are not new to schools but they are new to my school. This past year we have had a compost bin in the classroom which was filled every day with paper towels and leftover food. We have drinking cups, dishes and spoons. We were successful in reducing our garbage bins from three large to two small which were seldom filled to capacity. Our paper recycling, which was a great source for drawing paper and crafts, was filled to capacity about by the end of the week. 

This year I am joining the Boomerang lunch initiative to escalate two of our environmental goals of reducing and reusing. Here are a few tips that they have put together for parents.

Boomerang Lunch Tips
Choose to buy food that is not over-packaged by buying items in bulk rather than single use containers and placing them daily in re-sealable containers. Example – buy the large yogurt containers and put it into a re-sealable container.
Oranges, bananas, apples and hard-boiled eggs all come with their own handy packaging. Their packaging can be composted as part of school compost program
Pack a waste-free lunch using items such as:
- reusable lunch bag or box (look for a hard plastic interior, as it can easily be wiped clean) - thermoses
- reusable water bottles
- reusable plastic containers
- cloth napkins
- reusable utensils

1. plastic: sandwich bags, plastic wrap, utensils 
2. yogurt, pudding, apple sauce cups
3. drink boxes, drink pouches, pop cans
4. throw away paper bags

5. aluminum foil

What are you doing to reduce waste in your classrooms?