Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nature Corner

The cupboard for our nature corner finally arrived today carried in by 3 big strong grade seven students. We now have a 6' long cupboard with 3 shelves to display our nature objects. 

We got to work right away setting up a display, deciding what to put on the shelves and what wonderful nature ideas we would play with next. I LOVE IT!! and I think you will too. Honestly this is the best room ever.

The best part was that this morning Elijah and Noah carried the sticks, stones and pine cones over to their play area and created habitats for the little stuffed animals.


Sunday, 16 November 2014

Discovering Nature in Art

Forest Critters

During our forest morning at Milner Gardens we collected leaves. Later we used the leaves (and others from the schoolyard) to create leaf critters. Here is the hall display we made. I love how they are all so unique!!!


Forest Morning

We began our forest morning with a talking circle sitting on logs. Each student shared one personal statement. Then we talked about our learning goal which was to find one nature item to draw in our journal. We asked the students to collect items on the ground, but not to pick any leaves or flowers as we wanted to leave the forest as we found it.

If students found nature items that were still alive we took a photo with the iPad to help them remember the details.

Our grade 4/5 buddy class joined us for fifteen minutes and shared their scavenger hunt with us.

The forest canopy produced a variety of  colours and shades which seemed almost luminous in the sunlight. It was a beautiful, perfect forest morning.

Nico and his grade 4/5 buddy noticed a small animal on the leaf so  they moved the leaf to a large rock so that no one would step on it. They wondered what animal it was. They decided that it was still alive.

Shea and Mckenzie found a sword leaf on the ground. They noticed that the leaf had a sharp, ragged edge and that each leaf was pointed like a knife or sword. Because it was not attached to the plant, their grade 4/5 buddy was able to add the leaf to her nature collection.

We ended our forest morning with a second talking circle and each student shared one comment about their forest experience.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Kindergarten November 12th News

Boomerang Lunch Tips
Choose to buy food that is not over packaged by buying items in bulk rather than single use containers and placing them in re-sealable containers. Example- buy the large yogurt container and put it into a re-sealable container

Oranges, bananas, apples and hard boiled eggs all come with their own handy packaging. Also, the packaging can be composted as part of the school compost program.

Pack a waste-free lunch using items such as:
-reusable lunch bag or box
-re-usable water bottles
-cloth napkins
-reusable utensils (we have spoons, cups and bowls in the classroom)

  1. plastic: sandwich wraps, plastic wrap, utensils
  2. yogurt, pudding, apple sauce cups
  3. drink boxes, drink pouches
  4. throw away paper bags
  5. aluminum foil

Lastly, this is a terrific parent/educator site that provides excellent information to support your journey for a waste free lunch including many examples of foods to prepare for your children.

Departure Bay Students are Recyling, Reducing  and Reusing Waste

Our classroom now has a worm compost bin, a garden compost bin, a clean paper/plastic bin and one small garbage bin. We have invited the Recycling Exchange to our room to better inform students on how to use our awesome containers.

Currently, our small green worm bin is emptied daily, the small garbage can is emptied once monthly, the paper can is emptied once weekly and the garden compost bin is emptied when full.  Most of the materials in the compost bin are paper towels from hand washing during lunch and snack.

This month we will be setting a goal of reducing waste in the classroom and trying to reduce the waste bin by 50% after two weeks.  We will begin with looking at what is currently in the bin and making a plan to change our habits.