Sunday, 24 January 2016

Kindergaten News January 24th

Thank you to our families who were able to join us on Friday for our class pot luck lunch and for the help with clean up.

Zumba was so much fun. We danced together with Mrs. Radigan's class and are looking forward to five more weeks of Zumba.

Last Wednesday we baked some delicious blueberry muffins with Miss Carpenter. This Wednesday we will be baking apple cinnamon muffins.

Our forest mornings this week will be Wednesday and Thursday. Mrs. Logan, our school education assistant,will be coming with us. On Wednesday Miss Carpenter will also be with us. 

Your children have continued to amaze me with their curiosity and learning!!! This week during our circle conversations they wondered about hibernation. Some of the children had lots of information to share. We read a few great information books, learned a hibernation song and watched two videos about animals in winter. In the forest we played our camouflage game one more time and children looked for great spaces for animals to hibernate. On Thursday the children worked on a quick cut and paste activity making bear faces for our animals in winter mural. 

I will be away from school on Monday visiting the nature kindergarten program at Nanoose Elementary in Parksville and then off to an Inquiry workshop in Courtney. Mrs. Stewart will return as the TTOC.

It is hard to believe that we are approaching 100 days of school. The primary classes will be celebrating 100 days on Wednesday Feb 3rd. Student collections will be put on display that week. On the 3rd we will have a 100 Day celebration and children will be doing special activities. A separate newsletter will come home on Tuesday with more details.

Have a great weekend.

Dates to remember:
Jan 27th Cooking
Jan 29th Implementation day school not in session

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Kindergarten January 17th News

Our VIU student teacher Miss Carpenter began her weekly visits on Wednesday. She will continue to come each Wednesday for the day and in February will come for two consecutive weeks.

Last Wednesday students made oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies and baked a batch to share with Mrs. Radigan's kindergarten/grade one students. This week we will be making muffins on Wednesday morning. On Monday and Tuesday we will use the Daily Question to survey students to determine what time of muffin we will make.

Our winter inquiry question "what do animals need in winter" is beginning to take shape. During our circle conversations students are sharing their knowledge and asking questions. We have been practicing camouflage in the forest with a new prey/predator game. On Thursday, Morgan from NS3 introduced the students to hibernation and they did a hunt for areas where forest animals could hibernate. This week we will continue with our inquiry as students continue to ask questions, followed by some stories, art and investigations to add to their knowledge.

The students are doing an amazing job with our Daily Five literacy routine. Each day their may choose four of five literacy strands to do with a partner; word work, work on writing, read to self, read with someone and listen to reading. Students are getting to work quickly as their understanding deepens. 

As a group the students are doing read to self at the same time. Presently we are at six minutes using three strategies; retell the story, read the words, read the picture. For the next five weeks Mrs. Frey will be teaching during Daily Five as I implement the literacy intervention, funded by the school district literacy grant, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The  goal of the grant is to provide daily practice of a targeted literacy skill for selected primary students and move those students to grade level.

The mid year literacy assessment has been very successful. So far students have been assessed on upper case and lower case letter recognition, letter sounds and concepts of print. All students have done very well. This week I will begin to assess student phonological awareness (see link for more information )

Our forest mornings this week will be Wednesday and Thursday. If we add another day I will confirm via email.

Zumba Friday begins this week. We will be doing Zumba late Friday mornings after snack.

Dates to remember:
Jan 20 Kindergarten Cooking
Jan 22nd Zumba
Jan 22nd Family Pot Luck Lunch 12:20 Multi-purpose room

Thank you,

Mrs McCaw

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Leaf Painting In Kindergarten

Friday afternoons are quickly becoming one of my favourite times of the week. As our kindergarten class continues to work on our learning goal of building a school community we have begun to meet weekly with our grade 3 big buddy class to create nature crafts together. I have been working on building a predictable framework for these weekly visits. One buddy (sometimes the Kindergarten, sometimes the third grader) teaches the other buddy the activity. Then through discussion they make a plan, divide up the work and together create the artifact. When done, the kindergarten students get their personal book tub to have the older buddy read to them in a quiet corner of the classroom.

This week as the children were working in two classrooms with their big buddy they each had a leaf to paint and decorate. As they worked together they were getting to know each other, talking about sports, play and family. It was such an honour to observe the students obviously enjoying each other's company while working together on a small project.

What are you doing at your school to build community?