Kindergarten News September 2017

First Project – The children have been introduced to a Think, Pair Share activity where they were asked a question and then given an opportunity to discuss with the question with a partner. Each pair was then asked to share one idea. Tomorrow we will do this partner activity again as I introduce our first project “Colurs of Fall” designed to encourage children to notice the nature found in their neighbourhood (place based) and learn about the season of fall. The children will be asked to notice colours of fall on our nature walk. We will collect some fallen nature pieces and sort them into categories chosen by the children. Back in the classroom children will display the nature loose parts on the table and have an opportunity to mix two paint colours to create their own paint colour using the nature loose parts as an inspiration.

Assessment – On Monday I am sending home some information about Electronic Portfolio Assessment which I plan on using this year. I am also including a permission form which you are required to sign if you would like your
children to participate.

Monthly Calendar Sept/Oct – Please refer to the calendar that will be sent home on Monday as it includes some upcoming dates, the News Clues schedule, Family Pot Lunch dates and other important information.

Pre-service teachers – I think that our first morning with the pre-service teachers will be Wednesday Sept 27th. They will accompany us offsite and then get to know the children for the rest of the morning. As they will receive training on Wednesday to do the Nanaimo Early Learning Assessment they may not be available for our offsite time, but let’s hope for a full morning with them :) 

School Individual Photo – the photographer will be at our school tomorrow morning and will be doing our class late morning so that we can have our first offsite visit.

Offsite Schedule – I have planned to begin our offsite mornings on September 25th . We will leave immediately after attendance. The children will bring their back packs and have their snack offsite. If the forest is safe then we will have our circle time on Bay Street at the forest entrance and then spend a brief time exploring the forest and working on our first project. If the conservation officer has not confirmed safety then we will walk to the seashore for our nature walk, circle time, snack and exploration. This will be a short offsite visit as it is our first.

I expect to be in the forest Monday thru Thursday but we have been waiting for confirmation from the conservation officer.

Mrs. McCaw

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