Kindergarten News June 2017

Numeracy- the children have continued with the measurement study. They have been comparing long and short and will be investigating non-standard measurement this week. We have also continued with our counting jar routine and are doing lots of oral counting to 100 by ones, fives and tens.

Science-  the plant study with Mrs. Boulton continued last week and the children made a mini plant book  and did a seed experiment which they took home on Friday.  This week the children will learn about how plants work and do a second experiment.

Physical and Health Education- this week we will be reviewing names for parts of the body and introduce who a trusted adult is. Next week we will be continuing with appropriate and inappropriate touching

Quite a few children in the group put their hands up when asked if they had encountered something gross when on the Internet. Please remember to supervise your child when they are on the internet as inappropriate photos may pop up. Also remember to tell your child that he/she should tell you immediately.

Literacy- the children will conclude their study of Eric Carle this week with a short video and begin a study of the author/illustrator Lois Ehlert. Then we will compare the two author/illustrators.

Word Work The children have been working on blending and developing automaticity with sight words to prepare them for Grade One.  Some of the games have been Hang Man, Zap It and Word Hunts.

Chick Eggs We have had our eggs for 11 days and the children have been checking each morning to see if there if any have hatched. I added an egg calendar last week and next week we will overlap the plant study with a mini egg investigation. When the chicks hatch (at 21 days) they will stay in the classroom for a few days and then return to the farmer in Lantzville.

I will be sending home a newsletter on Monday with the important dates for this very busy month including a year-end family pot luck at Departure Bay Water Park.

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