Kindergarten News May 2017

Forest Morning -the children were busy stacking rocks at Woodstream on Monday and Tuesday mornings. Landon especially loved stacking rocks in a tree while Olive May discovered a flat railing to build upon. Evan and Zoe chose to build on the ground and hunted for quite a while for flat rocks.

Gardening - On Friday we were in the garden checking up on our potatoes and peas. Adding a bucket of compost has made a big difference in the growth of our vegetables and we are waiting for more sunny days to help the peas. Our potato plants are big and leafy.

Forest Play - This week we are going to Woodstream on Monday morning and Neck Point for both Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we will be onsite as usual for Family reading, library book exchange and music. There is no school on Friday.

Carrie, our Tillicum Friendship Centre storyteller, will be in class on Tuesday afternoon.

Baby Ana visited this week and has two teeth and a lot more hair!! She is rolling over and was very interested in the children's voices during our circle talk.

Painted Lady Butterflies- this week the caterpillars molted and then  made their chrysalises. On Friday afternoon they were wiggling a little so I suspect the warm classrooms will speed up their life cycle and they will emerge on the weekend.

Together with the other Kindergarten and Grade One classes we have decided to do a mini fundraiser to fund a butterfly garden on the school grounds. This will probably happen soon. We will be selling healthy muffins to students in the school.

Math - we will continue reviewing math concepts, patterning, counting and numeral recognition. Next week we will begin our final math study non-standard measurement and basic shapes. These will be integrated into our science, language and art activities.

Science - Morgan from NS3 will join us on Wednesday morning at Neck Point to continue our science study of transformation. Continuing with this theme, Mrs. Boulton will be working with the children on plants and I will continue to supplement with classroom activities to support their learning through writing, art, sensory and drama. 

Marques and Elodie will have their final day this coming Thursday. The children have decided to decorate the classroom on Tuesday and we will have a celebratory lunch on Wednesday after Neck Point. We will be having friendship fruit salad and ice cream floats.

Thank you, Mrs. McCaw :)

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