Kindergarten News October 2017

A Baby Boy - Congratulations to Dex and his family. Dex now has another younger brother!!!

PJ Day - We have planned a PJ Day for this coming Wednesday. Please send your child to school in PJ's, slippers (if they wear them) and a favourite stuffy to read with.

Shoebox Reading- I have introduced Retell The Story, reading strategy, to your children and we have been practicing each day. On Monday I will begin a weekly program. Your children will bring home a book which has been practiced many times. Please use a basket or shoebox to store accumulated books so that your child will be able to reread the books many times to strengthen reading. They can colour the books, highlight key words, talk about alternate endings, finger tracking and just practice re-telling or reading the books.

Assessment – The electronic portfolios are created and many of our families have activated the link. I will begin to post this week. I typically include posts from numeracy, literacy, creative thinking and exploration. The children will begin to learn how to use the app on the mini iPad this week with our student teachers. 

I have begun writing conferences with the children (two each day) using the Kindergarten writing criteria which we co-created and will begin to send home the Oct writing pieces to be shared with you. 

I am beginning reading conferences with the children this week and they will be selecting books for their book boxes together with me. The book boxes will include around 3 books to begin with and will expand as their stamina increases. They are now reading to self and with a friend for five minutes!!!

Monthly Calendar Oct/Nov – Please refer to the calendar that will be sent home on Monday as it includes some upcoming dates, the News Clues schedule, Family Pot Lunch dates and other important information. 

Big Buddies - We had a very successful time with our Big Buddies on Thursday afternoon. The children worked together to create pattern art. Next week they will be painting leaves. Please send two fresh leaves to school in a sealed bag with your child's name on it before Thursday. They will paint a design on the leaf and them I will modge-podge to preserve it.

Plant a Promise - I was delighted to discover that our application for Plant a Promise has been approved and I picked up the bulbs the same day. The children have been planting outside of the Grade One Classroom at the back of the school since the workmen have been outside our area repairing the wheelchair lift.  We will continue planting this week. If you have some time on Monday afternoon we would love to have a parent plant bulbs with a small group of children 1-1:30.  

Cooking Our cook this coming Friday will be Cari.

Parent Off Site Supervisors - If you have not sent in your availability yet, please do so this weekend as I would like to finish the November list this weekend.

Pre-service teachers – I have assigned a small group to each student teacher for them to work with in literacy and math each week. I am doing the planning but I believe that it will benefit both the pre-service teacher and your child to work more closely together.

School Individual Photo – the photographer will be back at our school on Wednesday Nov 1st. 

Absence - I will be away on Friday November 10th observing at another school. Our district professional association has Learning Partnerships which enable teachers to have time to work, observe, team teach and learn together. Mrs. King was with us last Tuesday and spent the day in the forest and classroom with us. I will be in her classroom observing her practice.

Finally, we had a wonderful pot luck lunch in the classroom on Friday. The children were super excited and loved sharing their room with their families.

Mrs. McCaw :) 

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