Kindergarten News January 2018

Science Our class has signed up to look after the school salmon tank. We will be learning about the life cycle of the salmon and will visit the fish hatchery in the spring to release our fish. I set up the tank in the hallway outside of the office on Saturday and our fry will arrive in one week.

Outdoor Program During the rainy months our visits to Neck Point have been postponed and we will walk to the seashore weather permitting using the weekly forecast.

Math The children have done very well in math. We will continue to build our numeracy focusing on computational fluency (4 + 6=10) with building number groupings working with 5 and 10 using manipulative as well as numerals. We are also beginning to play with 2D and 3D shapes.We will also continue with problem solving and the counting jar routine.

Looking Closely Through this lens and with his series of books, this project explores how to "look closely" at the world around us, nature's natural wonderments, and our students' curiousities in a way that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of our world.  Our class has been exploring looking closely in the forest, at the seashore and in the classroom through our recent art activities. The children drew with black sharpies a paper white bulb, a feather and most recently drew the same snowman three times honing their drawing techniques. We will continue with our drawing throughout February using nature objects and photographs.

Art During Jan/Feb  the children will continue to explore water colour painting, clay, collage and pastels.

PE I have make a change to the PE schedule. We will be going to the gym on Friday afternoons by ourselves instead of sharing the gym with Mrs. Radigan.

If your child has not sent in the rhyming bag please send it in when you are ready, there is no assigned day for their rhyme as we are doing it as a transition. It is a separate program from the News Clues program.

Printing Letter formation this year has been on the dry erase boards and sensory activities like in the sand, on a friends back, air printing. This month the children will begin practicing letter formation in a journal. We have done lots of fine motor activities to prepare them for writing but there are still a few that need some continued fine motor work. Now that report cards are completed I can work to create a couple of homework kits which strengthen fine motor.

Writing Student writing conferences have moved from choosing a piece for their literacy portfolio to focus on writing a simple sentence to accompany their picture. I am meeting with 2-3 students each day to review the loose paper stories. They are learning the components of a sentence, practicing letter formation and using their knowledge of letter names and sounds. Support is being provided as needed.

Reading All students now have a teacher book in their reading boxes which I have selected because it is a good match to their reading level. These books have kindergarten sight words and almost all have one simple sentence on each page which matches the picture. If you would like to come on Thursday and read with the children during 12:30 to 1:30. This is a good time as the children are eating lunch, participating in a short circle time and then enjoying quiet play with a friend. So far Kim, Jennette and Cari have been coming.

Thanks, Liz McCaw

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