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E-portfolios and Reggio Emelia

I have been working on the design of our kinder math e-portfolios. I am still fiddling with what should be included. I keep noticing their work and thinking we should add that to the portfolio. This week I added a slide on math literature since we read so many math books. Then I included a photo of the kinders reading from their personal folders since so many of the emergent books in their folds are math based. I also decided to include a slide on math stations since that is such a big part of their learning. However since I have not included that choice in conferences with the Kinders I don't have much data on that right now. Then, I was thinking on Friday that we should have some math celebrations which could be included like 100 Day or take photos of kids doing puzzles. 

I'm getting really excited because the portfolios are beginning to show the growth of student knowledge while highlighting their own uniqueness. I believe that this project has the potential to truly provide parents with a lens of the math work that a child does in school while at the same time providing a process for assessment. It reminds me of the Reggio Emelia approach which makes the child's learning transparent for both parents and teachers. I have also decided that waiting until the end of the project is too late to share with families so I am providing a snapshot of their child's learning via email with the draft portfolio as an attachment over the next week.

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