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CLass Books

Many Kindergarten teachers love to do this
book in September. It provides opportunities for lots of drawing, counting, chanting as well as fun movement and math. It is based
on the book Ten Apples On Top, by Dr. Seuss.

We do this book also in September while we
work on learning each others names. It is modelled after a well known rhyme, Who Took The Cookies From The Cookie Jar. During September we read many rhyming stories and chants to build phonemic awareness, play with words and develop a strong classroom community. This chant is still a favourite!

This book is done in mid October and is modelled after a popular trade book, Witch Witch, Come To My Party by Arden Druce and Pat Ludlow. This book is excellent for chanting and repetitive phrases and super fun to read again and again.

We created this class book after
our January study on the polar
regions. They knew so many
facts and this book was a great
way to showcase them. It was modelled

after the Raffi`s book, Over In The Arctic which
is a rephrasing of the older song Over In The Meadow.
We collect favourite poems
and put them into a big book. I used to
keep them on Chart Paper but they have
a much shorter life span. I got this idea and

some of the poems from the
This blog has many great resources!!! and is one of
my go-to places for ideas.

This book was completed in early February while we were adding to our connections with friendship and family. I discovered this cute graphic organizer through blogging. I can`t find the author on my computer but will look at school and add it soon. 

The Kinders made this book on  the day we celebrated being 100 days in school. We created and counted lots of different objects to build a schema about this large number. I love how different all of their ideas were!

   This was the first time that 
   the Kinders were asked to   
   write between lines. It took a 
   little extra conference time
   but they were very proud. This
   book has already become a 
   favourite. The graphic organizer
   came from Chalktalk, a 
   kindergarten blog where 
   teachers can excellent resources.


  1. I love your blog and these class book ideas! Too cute! I am your newest follow and would love for you to visit me. ;)


    Sprinkles to Kindergarten

  2. Love the class books...very cute!


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