Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island


Last year I moved to a different school and a new classroom leaving behind a wonderful room filled with every resource needed for primary learners. The hardest thing to leave behind was the class set of hollow blocks. It was a huge, old set that had been discarded by schools in the district and reclaimed for my room piece by piece over several years. Each day the children would build dens, spaceships, schools, houses, forts, and anything else they could imagine. The custodian gave them permission to leave the structures standing if they were on the block building carpet. We loved those blocks and I have missed them every day.
Last year with a tiny budget and large resource list I had to focus on building collections of unit blocks, puzzles, science tools, literacy resources and manipulatives like lego and zoobs. I sold a ton of ice cream and we made big gains. But every day I wished for hollow blocks. They are so expensive that it takes a few years to build up a collection and today I started!!! I ordered my beginner set and in about three weeks my kinders are going to be over the moon. They don't know it yet because they have never played with hollow blocks but as soon as they arrive I know it will transform their play. I ordered the best blocks I know of made by  Community Playthings. There are seventeen blocks, made of eastern maple (very hard but light), six different shapes and a lifetime guarantee. Can you tell how excited I am?


  1. i'm excited too! Going to check them out.

    First in Maine

  2. You are so lucky to live in the states because you don't have to pay a Canadian distributor fee and there is free delivery anywhere in the states from Community Playthings. Hope that you decide to include them in your program.

  3. Those blocks look amazing! We have some (much smaller, but still very neat) hollow blocks that my parents got when they lived in Sweden. My kids love them!


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