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October Math Work Stations

I have had some requests about how I organize and teach my math stations. Here is a link to an earlier post about math work stations.

I love having enough stations so that each student is with one partner. I also use a pocket chart but you could just as easily use magnets on a white board or poster with velcro buttons. We do math stations every day.

The routine is as follows: partner A chooses anywhere in the room to work while partner B collects the math tub then joins him/her. After they complete the math station A chooses a book from the math tub while B cleans up and returns the tub. Together they read the math book. All of the books have been read together with me as a group a few times before going into the tub.

For management I like to partner boy/girl and timetabled it as a transition activity after they come in from music. Almost all of the activities are daily practice of math strands that I have introduced and taught. The challenge is sometimes different for some pairs (ie: larger numbers) and the activities are changed about every four weeks.

The math activities are mostly play based and include a few products such as stamping a pattern or  sorting stickers to make number sets. Sometimes I change the materials and keep the same activity for an additional rotation. For example, I use the grid from Pre-Kinders for fall then change it to gingerbread men and later snowmen.

I introduced the activity first with whole group where we practiced all of the math games together, then with a partner. Once they understood their partner jobs then we began to use the pocket chart and send them off. Soon they will come in, get their tubs and do the activity without a gathering time. In the meantime I am able to do guided math with a small group or pair of students.

Here are our October math stations:

Scoop a handful and then count,
sort or create a pattern

Match up teddy bear with card

Make a picture

Extend a pattern

Number Match

Grid Game
Roll the die and place that
number of pumpkins on the grid.

Dot, number and manipulative
match up.


Choose from two different puzzles.
One puzzle is more difficult.

Make five balls of playdoh.
Turn over a card.
Count and squish a ball for each


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