Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Block Play Everywhere!!

We had block play all over the classroom this afternoon. There was a big group in the primary block area creating a "viewing room".

The block play spilled over onto a table where today there were two builders adding to yesterday's building and tucking little people inside. What's interesting is that they were not the original builders. However, that seems to the classroom culture as the block structures remain for days with different students adding and changing the structures.

Over at the double tables there were three students playing with baby ponies who were building paddocks and homes with square blocks. 

Over in the student cubbies, Dane and Rhys decided to build enclosures using boots. This was a first for me, I had never seen that before! See the photos below.

Day One of table block building.

Note our newest tree block
it was donated to the room

I'm so glad that we took a picture

as it was knocked over by some

preschoolers the next morning.

The Kinders are so awesome that 
they never complain, just start 
rebuilding once play centes time
begins. So impressive that they 
are so accepting of our young 

So awesome!! Rhys came up with this
enclosure on his own just trying different

Here is Dane's enclosure. I love how
he used the runners on top of the
boots. It was super sturdy and so


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