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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Thinking Map Thursday

Yes the rumour is true there are six chicken eggs in our incubator. This month we have been reading and talking about chicks and ducklings. As we read, we began to play a sorting game during lunch. All of the language was generated by the Kinders. The original idea came from Chalktalk Kindergarten's Egg Unit which you can find here.
This week's thinking map is a venn diagram. We played a sorting game several times using a venn diagram and then glued the word(s) onto a paper venn diagram. It was a great way to organize their thinking and review information. The board is low enough that it can be used by Kinders during read the room activities. 

Next week I have a box of pictures of animals who either are born alive or hatch from an egg. Students will sort them into the two categories using a t-chart.

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