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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Life Cycles


Our final science unit is life cycles so naturally this means that we need plants and animals to observe. We began with plants and moved onto hatching chickens, butterflies, ladybugs and (hopefully soon) tadpoles. We visited the marsh and saw lots of ducks, frogs as well as dozens of beautiful dragonflies. Next week we will visit the pond.

To record our (sometimes) new knowledge we have  been using flow charts to show the cycle, but this week my Kinders are ready to branch out and I am offering them the choice to make a flip book, flow chart or picture book. Each response is a little more difficult so I am expecting that most of the children will chose a response that most fits where they are on their learning journey.

I put the chart paper on a table and asked the students to sign up for one activity.

After they signed up I prepared the materials and then today they worked in small groups to record the life cycle of a butterfly. Each group had some books to help with language and pictures. They also have learned to help each other to figure out the sequence of steps.

I chose these responses because I knew that they would appeal to a range of students while providing different challenges. 



  1. Our caterpillars arrived last week. I would love to see pictures of your flip books and flow charts. I'm looking for something new to do while our caterpillars/butterflies are with us.


  2. I will take photos for you, they really are lovely! I also found a cute graphic organizer tonight for their science notebooks from teacher pay teachers, it is free and called "my butterfly life cycle"

    I was in the classroom today and the caterpillars are in their chrysalis and hanging all over the aquarium. I used some of our tree blocks and driftwood this year and it looks great!

    Liz :)


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