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Kindergarten Learning Frameworks

I have just finished my Kindergarten parent conferences and after talking about the learning frameworks that have been introduced and practiced I thought it might be of interest to others.

I like to use frameworks as part of my daily practice because it builds independence and accountability for the learners. Over time as the framework becomes a habit of mind the focus on learning challenges deepens.

Many of the frameworks are partner or small group and will include some choice within the task. I also design or select learning tasks which are open ended and playful. Some examples of learning frameworks introduced, practiced and are now independent are;

Math Work Stations (Debbie Diller)
Guided Math
Word Work  (Daily Five Framework)
Guided Literacy
Read To Self (Daily Five Framework)
Writing Workshop (Lucy Calkins)

I have just introduced Reading conferences (Daily Five) and have begun to conference with my more mature learners, leaving the younger group until they have had more practice.

Next week I will introduce and have the learners practice Math Journals Framework, Read with Someone and Guided Writing. 

I always use the same format when introducing a framework and then once the framework is established I can increase the learning challenge.

Model with whole group
Explicit instruction
Anchor Charts
Practice and Debrief
Build stamina
Release responsibility 

If you are using frameworks I would love to hear about them. 

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