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Choosing the just right read aloud

In Kindergarten I am always looking for books to engage children in our read aloud sessions. these books always have district features like repeating phrases, rhyme or silly moments. 

When I find the just right book, I begin with a Read Aloud. Then if I receive the expected response I read it again at the next transition in the day and pause at predictable parts to encourage the students to join in for shared reading. We continue to re-read the book a couple of times each day and every time more students join in until they are reading it without me. 

After this the book goes on our bookshelf where we keep all of our very most favourite read-alouds. The students always pick these books for family read aloud as they love to impress their peers, parents /grandparents or guest with their independent reading. It is such a delight to listen to a small group chant through one of their favourite books to a surprised adult.  

I am fortunate to have two cascading bookshelves in our classroom but before that second shelf I used the long 6ft whiteboard ledge to display class favourites with a large basket on the floor. Books are also placed in baskets around the room to encourage reading. Some perfect spots are the block area (they like to create reading nooks with the hollow blocks), a quite corner, in the tent and the home centre.

At the same time make sure that you have dedicated time in your daily schedule for the children to sit and read with each other. Plan to expand this time as the children develop the habit of looking at books with a friend and talking about the story or pictures. At this time I spread the re-read books out so that they can have easy access to them. I also add a small basket to the classroom library corner with comfy seating so that the children can sit together.

Another and final tip is to have multiples of class favourites. I often shop the school library and the public library for multiples of a book like The Doghouse by Jan Thomas (a hilarious story with a surprise ending and part of a great collection perfect for K/1 children).



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