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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Invitation to Play Math Provocations In Kindergarten

This year I have been really focusing on process instead of product with my Kindergarten children. I have noticed that there is a lot more conversation about their learning, risk taking and the learning curve seems to be speeded up. 

This week we have been continuing with a big idea in Math that numbers and objects can repeat themselves. To inspire the children, I set up a math table with a basket of loose parts and two empty picture frames. In one frame I built a complex pattern and in the second I did an insect. The centre was available during both exploration time (morning) and quiet play (afternoon). During small group I worked with the younger students to guide them making simple or complex patterns.

During the math play children were taking the iPad and using the photo app in SeeSaw to upload the photo into their electronic portfolios. Some were video recoding a peer who read their pattern out loud three different ways. Of course the video wasn't perfect but we could hear the child talking as he/she made the pattern. 

Here are a couple of photos from Friday.


I would love to hear what activities you plan for process math. Thanks for stopping by

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