Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Flow Learning

Morning flow

For about a decade I have been collecting quotes in a journal which inspire me.  This past weekend I have been re-reading some of my favourites to select a few to share in my new book, Outside Our Window.

Here's a favourite

"do less, observe more, enjoy most" - the late Magda Gerba

I just love Magda Gerba's writing and her wisdom resonates with me. I teach a responsive classroom model and over the past few years I have shifted my pedagogy to include elements of Reggio Emelia; natural light, warmth, flow, natural materials, time, reflection and creativity.  I strive to follow the advice from an amazing, caring leader in education, the late Magda Gerba and know that our most wonderful days are when I pay attention and do this!!!

Today's morning flow is so simple; art, recess and literacy. The children are productive, joyful and creative.

Practicing letter formation

Sculptures using loose parts

Forest Creature

Playing with sticks and stones
Arctic play at the sand table with loose parts
Winter painting

This month our school has been working to inspire creativity in children as part of a larger goal to nurture active learning. Today my kindergarten class explored loose parts throughout the classroom. In the block centre some of the children used stones, tiles, round napkin rings, glass gems and blocks while in the art studio sculptures and models were underway. Our two sensory areas; playdoh and sand were busy with plenty of nature materials to inspire creativity. 

Our return to frigid temperatures inspired  a few of the children to paint frosty pictures using winter shades of blue and white, covering their painting with chunky glitter, while another group were busy painting a tree branch we had found in the forest a few weeks ago which will be part of the chandelier for our art studio. Tomorrow when we return from our nature play at Neck Point we will continue our journey with loose parts.

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