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The Origin of our Wee Little Storytelling Table

Earlier this year we donated our storytelling table to a new classroom in the school which really needed more furniture. But we  missed our storytelling table and (sigh) really yearned for it's return and some of the children would wish regularly that it would pop back into the room. I really thought that I would be able to make a platform to replace it but life is too busy. 

Then voila!! Something happened. We were walking back from the seashore when we looked up and noticed a Shaw truck was parked across the street with large wooden spools. We stopped and greeted the workman and yes he had nineteen children and two adults calling "Hello". He looked to the left and to the right and then pointed to himself. We shouted yes and he walked across the street to chat. We asked for a spool to create a new storytelling table. He returned to work, sorted through the yard filled with empty spools and showed up in our classroom an hour later with four spools. Two for Kylie, our local Reggio Inspired Preschool teacher and two for us. We donated one of our tables to the Kindergarten room beside us and now have a designated storytelling table which is used every day. Lucky us!!

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