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Process Art In A Reggio Inspired Kindergarten

Our art studio is in full swing now that the children have a good understanding of using the tools and expectations in the mini-artelier. Some mornings the children arrive to find invitations to create on the tables and other mornings they just shop the mini-atelier for tools and familiar materials during the self directed exploration time. For one child that might be a return to yesterday's project while another investigates the hold puncher or a small group decide to create sculpture using a newly discovered basket of  pipe cleaners.

Exploring the materials and collaborating with each other is a hands on approach and as they work together they are developing relationships, learning to negotiate and develop plans while all the time being encouraged to be curious and valued by adults in the room as competent and capable. 

Rio has been busy with the hole puncher to create transparency in his sculptures, picture frames and bracelets.

Davyn created amazing sculptures this week using mini pipe cleaners and lots of tape and small bits and pieces from the art

I loved watching Markos create this mini forest using loose parts at the art studio and of course lots and lots of glue!

I had some leftover circles from a math project and one of the students carefully created a story picture using a mix of materials from the art studio. I love the feather on top of the tree to create leaves.

Elliott has been super busy cutting cardboard to create characters and then decorating them with markers and beads. Then he moved onto creating a tree picture (using Kindergarten criteria) using beads, tape, paper and cardboard. His final piece is still a work in progress - a computer.

Elliott made this beautiful tree for his mother using lots and lots of tape and pony beads.
 So much joyful learning going on through process art!!!

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