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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

What to Wear In A Nature Program

Nature Kindergarten by its very nature is exposed to the elements. Parents should expect that their children will be outdoors in all forms of weather as a core part of the program. Therefore, please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for all types of weather. 

Because this is a locally developed program re my recent book: Outside Our Window: developing a primary nature program the school district does not provide additional staff to support the program. Parents choosing to be a parent supervisor often sign up for a month of days i.e. Tuesday mornings using a shared google document. We prefer two parents supervisors to be offsite.

Every child must bring:
  • a hiking backpack which fits your child comfortably and should be water resistant. We often hike for more than one hour on our Neck Point days. MEC has a range of children's backpacks and we also have loaner packs for a short term loan or the entire school year.
Inside the backpack please pack:
  • small, non-breakable water bottle
  • snack and lunch in lightweight containers (the children often eat quite a bit so please pack a robust snack and lunch)
  • water proof mittens and wool hat
Wearing the right clothes is essential for your child to have a good experience:

Cold/Wet days (fall winter spring):
  • warm base layer top and bottom
  • warm sweater and pants
  • touque
  • waterproof mittens
  • wool or synthetic socks
  • rain jacket and pants
  • waterproof boots -Boggs and Kamiks are great
Warm and Dry days:
*please apply sunscreen at home
  • light weight long sleeved shirt and jacket
  • long pants
  • long socks
  • sunhat
  • closed toed, sturdy shoes
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