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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Literacy Play Learning from My Book

In my book,  Outside Our Window: developing a primary nature program I have included a chapter on play based activities to do outdoors which support the primary curriculum (preK to 3).  An example for a simple outdoor literacy activity Sidewalk chalk was used as an example of ABC and Word Work. This activity can easily be adjusted for all of the primary grades.

As our year together draws to a close I have begun to introduce literacy games that lend themselves to family play like alphabet or sight word hopscotch. 

To play this game we chose familiar words together will will help build fluency. You can choose to use new words in this game but my learning intention was fluency. The fluency will support children as they transition to independent reading in the fall. Being able to automatically recognize common sight words will enable the novice readers to focus more on comprehension rather than continuously decoding new words.

To play the game the only materials required are asphalt and chalk (like a driveway or sidewalk). Pick out words together and add a challenge word, perhaps a word that they know if they think about it or if it is being introduced. We used beanbags to toss but you can use a beach stone or a sock with half a cup of flour or rice. When the stone lands on the word the child hops up the ladder jumping over the word. On the return down the ladder the child reads the word and picks up the stone, returning to the beginning square. 

This is a really fun activity to play together. If there are two siblings then have them write two words in each square so that they can both work on sight word fluency. This is most fun when friends are visiting  so that a group can play the game.


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