Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

What Does Your Child Need For A Nature Program

Nature Kindergarten by its very nature is exposed to the elements. Parents should expect that their children will be outdoors in all forms of weather as a core part of the program. Therefore, please ensure that your child is suitably dressed for all types of weather. 

Because this is a locally developed program the school district does not provide additional staff to support the program. Parents choosing to be a parent supervisor often sign up for a month of days i.e. Tuesday mornings. We require two parents supervisors to be offsite during the first half of the year.

Expect your child to be offsite four mornings each week. Please send them to school prepared for the outdoor sessions.  

Every child must bring:

  • a hiking backpack which fits your child comfortably and should be water resistant. We often hike for more than one kilometre each day. MEC has a range of children's backpack. We will provide a loaner pack for a short term or the entire school year if your child does not have a suitable backpack.
Inside the backpack please bring:
  • small, non-breakable water bottle
  • snack and lunch in lightweight containers 
  • water proof mittens and wool hat (in cold weather)
  • a wet bag to put wet clothing in
Wearing the right clothes is essential for your child to have a good experience:

Cold/Wet days (fall winter spring):
  • warm base layer top and bottom
  • warm sweater and pants
  • touque
  • waterproof mittens
  • will or synthetic socks
  • rain jacket and pants
  • waterproof boots -Bogs and Kamiks are great
Warm and Dry days:   *please apply sunscreen at home
  • light weight long sleeved shirt and jacket
  • long pants
  • long socks
  • sunhat
  • closed toed, sturdy shoes
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