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Daily Five Flow - Literacy Play

This month I have added some new literacy activities to our Daily Five Flow to align with the areas where the children need to build fluency. 

As the children complete Read with a Friend and move on to Literacy Play they choose from five activities to play with a partner.
Alphabet Rock letter matching. I added a mixed up upper case alphabet board for our more mature students as well as a sequenced alphabet board and a picture alphabet guide to scaffold the younger students. They easily move to the board that is a best fit.

Alphabet Pocket Chart. This centre contains upper case/lower case letter cards. It also has vocabulary cards with a picture with the first letter in the word in bold print for the more mature students.

Story Play. Since the children are doing story play three mornings a week very successfully I have added it as a literacy centre to Daily Five.

CVC Word Building. I added this literacy centre last week as we now have many children who are ready to play with words. This fun game has words in three sections which the children sort and build using picture cards with one letter on each card.

Grab and Sort. This idea came from the blog What Can We Do With Paper and Glue. The letters are sorted into three dishes and children build CVC words. The letters in the three sorting cups are chosen to re-create familiar words like cat and dog, very similar vocabulary to our classroom word wall and the cvc word building activity.


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