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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

October 2019 Kindergarten News

Two after school visitors Olivia and Georgia built a beautiful structure for the Kinders to enjoy
Mrs. Stewart, educational assistant will be working in the classroom a portion of our morning. She will be shared with Mrs. Pickerell's K/1 class.

Nature Learning
We had a full and wonderful morning at DB Seashore this week with the children spread out along the beach enjoying a very low tide. We began with a sharing circle, storytelling and wide area game followed by a morning snack. Then the children explored the beach mostly in smaller groups building sand castles, carrying driftwood, exploring a stream and experimenting with sink and float activities with shells, rocks and small bits of driftwood. On Thursday we returned to Woodstream Park to enjoy a little science along with our regular sharing circle, story, snack and exploration. The children used nature's loose parts for a sensory activity and then during exploration Departure Bay Eco Preschool joined them for some free play.

This week we will spend our mornings at Woodstream Park on Tuesday, DB Seashore on Wednesday and Woodstream Park on Thursday.

Our literacy program is developing nicely, the children have been practicing read to self and have their own book boxes now. They have also been practicing read with a friend using little book baskets. We have co-created our writing criteria during morning writing workshop and the children have gradually been asked to use the criteria in the daily writing. During literacy play they have been doing alphabet centres with puzzles, letters and simple guided activities. Mr. K. our aboriginal education assistant will be coming three times a month to help with this.

The children have been learning about their the sense of taste through books, circle games and sensory activities like holding their nose and tasting the cranberries then trying again to see if the taste changes. They also tasted local honey and freshly made apple juice. On Tuesday they will make honey butter and will play with the sense of sight and touch.

Our twice weekly counting jar framework is now well established and will move to once weekly to make room for exploring a different math concept through playful inquiry What is a pattern? Where do we see patterns in our world?

The children have enjoyed painting with poster paint, liquid water colour paint and this week began cut and paste through a guided activity to make family thanksgiving cards. I set up a little cutting centre and a group of children are cutting and gluing to make cards, art and small books. Next week we will open the art easel for vertical painting as well as table painting.

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