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October 17th Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Please expect to receive a FreshGrade announcement on Sunday confirming our offsite schedule for this week. Presently we have two parent volunteers for Tuesday and  Thursday. We also have one volunteer for Wednesday morning. 
Our scholastic class is up and running. Brochures will come home Monday. Our class code will be RC232105 for online orders.

The children have been working on four literacy frameworks; Read to Self (RS), Read with a Friend (RF), Work on Words (WW), which presently is alphabet and name work and Work on Writing. Next the children will be introduced to Listen to Reading (LR) using Tumblebooks with our school Ip
ads which have been reserved for Monday and Friday mornings 10:30 to 11:45. During November the children will flow from each strand twice weekly.

We have a new class schedule which I am sending home on Monday. Library and Music times may change again, however I want you to be able to envision your child's school day. I will alert you to any changes made in the next weeks.

Our Art Studio is established with the children showing good independence with drawing, poster paints, water colour paints and more recently clay. I will work with small groups making clay pinch pots this week and the children will be invited to decorate them using mini flowers, small leaves and seeds. 

We have been working on Pre-Printing drawing techniques using dry erase boards. So far our drawings have included circles, vertical and horizontal lines as well as diagonal lines. These pre-printing lessons will continue until we begin printing practice, also on dry erase boards.

Miss Minty will be away this week working on her teaching plan. She will be back at school Monday October 26 and continue full time until December 11th. We are really enjoying her enthusiasm and exceptionally kind manner.

Mrs. Hilland is planning a Halloween celebration for Fri Oct 31st with the Kindergarten team and will be sharing the plan in the next week. The school will be organizing a whole school outdoor costume parade on Oct 31st most likely at 9am. As a staff we are asking that Halloween treats remain at home and not come to school as part of your child's lunch.

We have continued with our Kindness Inquiry, "What is Kindness" and the children are sharing deep thinking during our conversation circle talks. This week we will continue with learning about ourselves and each other looking at the classroom diversity and personal interests. 

Your child's Poetry Book will be coming home next week for the weekend. Please return on Mondays in the communication folder. The books are kept in your child's book box for Read to Self during the week. We will add a couple of sheets each month.

Reminder that students will be dismissed this week at 1:25 Mon thru Thurs.  Friday will be a Professional Development Day and school will not be in session.

I am looking forward to our conversations about your child.

Have a great weekend.

 Mrs. McCaw, Mrs. Hilland and Miss Minty

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