Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Using Playful Inquiry To Explore Patterns

One of the provocations used in the classroom

The BC Kindergarten Math Curriculum includes Patterns as part of the children's learning. In my kindergarten program I introduce children to patterns through playful guided experiences. 

In the classroom I invite the children to explore patterning by introducing them to patterns in nature, songs, poems, stories, art and then set the table for playful inquiry with loose parts.

Photo courtesy of Reggio Children

I lay out the materials in a provocative way to provoke the children to explore a rich array of materials. As they explore I observe their work and listen to their conversations about patterning. Often I make notes and take photos to review later. Then using that information as a springboard I engage the children in knowledge building conversations where they think about questions like What makes a pattern? Do all patterns repeat? How are patterns alike and different?

Photos courtesy of Krokotak

It is fascinating how engaging this type of inquiry is for children and to also note the wide range of knowledge that children enter kindergarten with. My goal is to build relationships through this style of interactive learning, deepen their understanding and guide their learning. 


The simple use of six inch sticks and fresh garden leaves provided a provocation for the children and inspired many different creative patterns. 

Branches from the forest found on the ground and oversize beads from our loose parts shelves provided a rich  and playful provocation for patterning. When finished the children suggested displaying branches on the shelves decorated with patterns using the beads.

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