Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Winter Math In Kindergaarten

I have refreshed our winter math shelves as the children will be exploring larger numbers and creating complex patterns like mandelas using loose parts. They will also play with number combinations to ten or more using the SumBlox wooden numbers and other loose parts like our counting sticks.  


To build number sense with subitizing and numeral recognition I have introduced new games like Race to Twenty, Roll and Cover, Bump, Add One More and a variety of card games using dot numbers and numerals. We are also playing a hide and seek number game with our mini pocket chart which has been very popular with the children..

I have increased the quantities in our counting collections as many of the children have begun skip counting and are ready for larger numbers. The range will be from 10 to 100 to meet the comfort levels of all the children.

I have decided to integrate art with math through 3D pieces using coloured pasta and glue. On Thursday we began to experiment with how to colour pasta using food colouring and vinegar. When it is ready I can begin to offer mathematical prompts like how many bows have you used in your sculpture?

In the forest we will continue with familiar math games like Mystery Number and Number Mingles. I will be introducing some new math games this term as well using nature loose parts.

The children will also begin to explore measurement in the forest program using buckets to compare weight, sticks to compare length. As the children are always interested in themselves and each other we will also use our bodies to measure nature loose parts such as our hands and feet.

What winter math have you planned for your learners?

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