Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Spring Story Play In Kindergarten


Signs of spring are popping up everywhere and now is a great time to talk about this with your students and add some spring loose parts to your story play or small world play shelves. 


Our spring story play shelves have new baby animals, birds & nests and lots of fresh flowers. I have replaced all of the wintery materials such as our blue trees, arctic animals, snowflakes and snow crystals with pastel trees, butterflies and frogs. 

I have also refreshed our art materials using an art grant with potters clay, gel crayons, oil pastels and new spring coloured water colours alongside thick watercolour paper. I often include art materials during Story Workshop. 

Our primary coloured lego has been replaced with pastel lego and I have added some fairy and unicorn characters to the lego character basket. I don't know about you but fairies and spring always seem to go together.

I have removed some of the play materials like our large horse barn and set up a small world shelf for my Kinders who would play there all day if they had all the time in the world. I know they will love and appreciate the extra effort. I have also created larger play spaces for big areas like train, castle building and block play.

I have gathered my silk scarves from Sarah's Silks, in beautiful soft spring colours, lots of baby animals including bunnies of course and loose parts in pastel green, yellow, pink and blue to inspire new stories. 

In the spring we spend less time indoors and I want that time to be special and memorable for the children. I hope that the photos inspire you to refresh your shelves if you haven't already done so and hopefully make it a little easier.


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