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I have been enjoying slowing down my days this month, sleeping a little later, walking everywhere, swimming in the ocean most mornings, listening to audio books and working in my garden. I have been doing a lot of cooking and inviting friends over for lingering lunches to taste test my new recipes. I am feeling rested and healthy and like many teachers, starting to think about school, my new group of learners and setting up our classroom. 

I always minimally set up the room so that lots is left for the children and I to co-construct together. I plan to bring in fresh flowers from the garden, twinkle lights, lots of books and set up a few learning centres. I find that  being intentional and waiting for the children accelerates our classroom community as we choose what to put up on the walls and what additional resources to add to our collections. Do we need more art material; clay, playdoh? Or do we need more construction materials; cardboard, blocks, magnet tiles? Are there enough tables, more chairs, a rug? It is always such fun to work with the children to design and furbish this space that we are to share for a year together.

Tonight I pulled some of my favourite read-alouds off the office  shelves, during this morning's walk I listened to my current favourite audio book Atomic Habits by James Clear and set out a pile of professional books to browse over the next few weeks. 

I still have lots of fun plans for beach play, hikes, road trips and lunches with family and friends but it will be sprinkled with emerging thoughts and plans of September as well.


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