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Class Beverage Station

With the onset of our rainy season we will have some mornings onsite but still continue with our outdoor play. It was so lovely to come in from puddle jumping on Wednesday to some hot cocoa and marshmallows. We borrowed mugs from the staff room and I brought hot cocoa and milk from home. Mrs. Lambert donated mini marshmallows. It made me realize that the children would really enjoy having a warm drink station in the classroom and I would enjoy the easier set up rather than trekking to the staffroom to borrow the kettle and mugs.
I am interested in setting up a  warm drink station in the classroom and am looking for the following donations:

electric kettle
used large pot
small mugs (not plastic please)
hot cocoa
apple cider
berry tea
1 pkg mini marshmallows
dish soap

Please let me know if you would like to donate an item.

Thank you, Liz McCaw


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