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Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

February 6th Newsletter

Good morning and Happy Long Weekend,

Tomorrow I'm learning all about coding in Kindergarten so am looking forward to introducing this new activity to your children. On Tuesday I am continuing with my professional learning around Social Emotional Well Being and enjoying a nature walk with some colleagues on our lunch break.

The children have been successful with our Mix & Fix Game which focus' on matching consonant vowel consonant words like dog with a picture. Next week I will use the same picture and word cards to introduce a different word game, memory.

While we are continuing with our morning Heggerty Kindergarten Program, I have also begun to introduce the children to Jolly phonics. It has free youtube videos, movement and jingles to help children remember letter sounds.

The Rhyming Show and Tell has gone very well. Just a reminder that if your child misses their day please return the bag as it must go home to the next week's family. I will assign a new day this month for your child and send home a bag for that week. 

We are making our Valentine Bags Wednesday afternoon so the children can begin to bring in their valentines to sort into the bags. We are doing a little bit of Valentine art and math / literacy this week including a new picture graph. 

Last week's Groundhog picture graph went very well and it was good for all of the children to follow directions and do some cutting/pasting. 

The children will do a few special activities on Monday February 14th, including enjoying some games, a treat and some berry punch. The children will open their Valentine Bags at home.

If you want to send in money for the WWW fundraiser from Thursday's hot chocolate it is not too late. As Mrs. Noble wrote in her newsletter, the money collected will be used to adopt an animal for the school. Last year our class adopted a polar bear.

Mrs. MacDonald will be with us on Wednesday afternoon and then the following week will be with us for a full week practicum. She will be using this time to work with the children continuing on the Heart Maps (SEL) and begin to gather data for her long 7 week practicum this spring.



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