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April 6th Newsletter

Good morning and Happy Weekend,

Our potato seedlings sprouted over spring break and are ready to be mounded, receive some plant food and be measured.  As the weather warms up, they will move to the school garden for some sunshine.

The children had their spring garden lesson Wednesday morning after our beach visit. They enjoyed some tasty treats including fresh kale and learned about mason bees. Did you know that they do not have a queen? They will have a lesson every third week.

Our Body Safety unit has begun. Last week the children named three trusted adults. A few of the children still name friends or siblings. While we will revisit this important rule please also ask your child to name 3 trusted adults including those at school. If they mention a friend or sibling explain why it is important to name an adult.

The next topic will be introducing proper names for the body.


This coming week we will include some fun Easter themed activities to our days. On Monday the children will explore colouring eggs with baking soda, food colouring and vinegar to complement our science experiment investigation.  Then on Tuesday we will hide plastic eggs in Woodstream Forest for the children. When they find an egg they can trade it in for a chocolate treat. FInally on Wednesday we will invite children to make an Easter craft to bring home. 

We created protocols on Thursday for the weekly science experiments and introduced the Thurs/Fri science fun with a colour experiment, Travelling Water. 

Inspired by Ben's rollercoaster experience at Disneyland the children enjoyed a video of Disney family rollercoaster rides and have been creating roller coaster 3D art. 

Our bird inquiry continues and this week they will make mini bird feeders to hang in trees at home or in the neighbourhood.

Miss M. had created some playful outdoor science activities with Force and Motion. On Thursday the children were surprised with ramps (that Mr. McCaw cut for us) in the forest and were engaged exploring the speed of different shapes weights and textures.

With Ms. M assuming some of the teaching duties I have begun to work with small groups on printing formation using dry erase boards. They will continue to receive as a whole group in daily phonics instruction.

Thank you,


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