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June 19th Newsletter

Last week's Kindergarten Science Experiment

Still waiting for our butterflies to emerge
Dear Families,

Our final days this month are going to fly by.

The children love their grade one visits and teachers are excited to spend time with our Kinders. The children are beginning to imagine grade one with these amazing educators and come back saying I love Ms. Anderson's hot wheels game or Ms. Cowan plays Go Noodle!!! We will continue with the grade one visits for the next two weeks and the children will meet our third grade one teacher, Ms Clarke. I love that grade one is viewed as a new adventure by the children.

This week I will send home a hard copy of our Learning At A Glance which summarizes the second term. Report cards will be emailed to families this year.  Your child will find out the grade one placements the first week of school once the number of divisions has been approved by the school district. 

As expected the final eight days of school are busy with school activities and wrapping up our Kindergarten year. 

A few of the special plans for the final days include Pop the Balloon countdown to the end of Kindergarten, painting paper lanterns, a water fight with sponges (we are waiting for a hot day), parachute games and making a gift for next year's Kindergarten Class; wet felting a ocean landscape.

The song/poetry books will come home on Tuesday, math journals on Wednesday and Story Journals the final Monday. Please take a few minutes to share with your child as they come home. Your child's change of clothes and inside shoes will also come home this week.

I have made a  small literacy portfolio which for each family and that will be shared on the final day with the children.

Please feel welcome to join us for lunch at DB waterpark the afternoon of the 28th. 

Thank you,

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