Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Reggio Inspired Early Learning

Reggo Inspired Classrooms -getting ready to teach children for today through process learning, connection with materials and nurturing relationships. My work partner and I spend a lot of time observing children, listening to their theories and coconstucting experiences by allowing the children to lead the play. 

These are important pillars of our early learning curriculum. Children use familiar materials including art and loose parts to create stories, collaborate, problem solve, share theories, socialize and generally do what children do - play. While we do have all of the play models we are seeing larger groups of children playing and planning together.

This week my work partner and I visted our classroom to make some changes to reflect the social growth of our students. Drawing upon our curriculum and reflecting upon our observations we began to:

-increase physical space to build bigger projects with materials like blocks and trains
-add  physical space to build in larger partnerships of 5-6 children
-add space for dance and movement
-increase bench seating so that they can gather together at the community table for art, drawing and sharing meals
-plan a intimate quiet space for reading and watching
-a 2nd  building area from the blocks 
-a puzzle/game table for groups of two and three
-easy access to table centres
-continued access to art materials in the atelier
-create a cozy nap area for our new littles that will be full days in the next couple of months

It takes a while to add new furniture pieces; we ordered two small benches, and a  playstand which should arrive the first week in January. We are also makinga 36" round puzzle/game table over the break. 

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