Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island


Our snow has turned into rain and yesterday the kinders stayed inside during their thirty minute recess break. Opting for quiet centres I  limited numbers at each centre because there is no constant adult supervision and because the kinders are tired and less successful solving problems peacefully. My favourite part of rainy day play is that we have intermediate students who join the class to help with supervision. I love watching the kinders play with older or younger children. It changes the play in such a nice way. Initially the older students hung together (pack mentality because as you know five year olds can be intimidating), but with some encouragement they separated and began to play with the kinders. 

It was so interesting to see how mature my kinders were during their play. For example, the play was quieter and very focused. The block play was intense as the kinders built a small airport with an older student while the drawing table reflected more detailed drawings as the intermediate student shared her skills with the budding artists. The third intermediate student hovered by the playdoh and puzzle tables as she encouraged playdoh landscapes and supported challenging puzzle work. Overall if my students have to miss their treasured outdoor play then replacing it with multi-age play is a great gift.

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