Nature Play On Vancouver Island

Nature Kindergarten On Vancouver Island

Snow Play- Another Example of Open Ended Play

Thursday's outdoor play was a perfect example of open ended play. We went outside thirty minutes before school recess. The Kinders had hills, a field and lots of fresh snow. The play was glorious! We had the entire field to ourselves and every single child was dressed for outdoor play. It was such a delight to watch the children play together. They made snow angels, did snow writing, there were many groups of three and four sliding down the hill together (hilarious landings!!!), others rolling down the hill, building snow rooms and exploring the adjacent forest (just a few trees but we like to call it a forest). It was perfect weather, cold enough to avoid slush, but warm enough that we were able to stay out for thirty wonderful minutes and then the kinders had another thirty minutes back in the primary playground with the other primary classes. We're hoping that the next snowfall leaves us with wet snow so that we can make snowmen, snow forts and snow rooms. Here is a short slideshow for your enjoyment!

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