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The Daily Five In Kindergarten

The Daily Five is not a program. Instead think of it as a framework or structure for the Kindergarten Literacy Program. Whats important is that it focuses on the five essential skills that learners need to develop independent reading and writing habits. Juxtaposed with this are two critical pieces; meta-cognitive learning strategies and choice. On-going assessment, including assessment for learning, is super important so that you can plan literacy centres and provide tools that children can be successful with. 

With modelling, explicit feedback and daily practice the students 

Read To Self-students begin with three reading strategies; read the pictures, retell the story and read the words. They also learn to whisper read, find their own quiet space in the room and make their own book choices.

Listen to Reading- students learn to read to a partner as well as listen to a partner read to them. They focus on the story, talk about the story and ask questions. 

Word And Letter Work-students learn to set goals and play word or letter games to develop the foundation for reading words. This important literacy piece is sprinkled throughout their day and integrated into calendar time, writing workshop and circle time as well as active and quiet play blocks.

Work on Writing-this independent writing time is in addition to Writing Workshop. during this time students learn to notice their own successes and set learning goals. They choose the topic; non-fiction or fiction, writing tools and format (journal, loose paper, letter, report).  This extra time allows students to choose to revisit work generated during writing workshop or begin new pieces.

The Daily Five begins slowly in September and over many months the students build stamina and an understanding of what their job entails. As they become independent students make more choices about what they will do and what it will look like. 

Here is a link to my January blog describing my timeline

There are lots of primary examples of what the Daily Five looks like in Kindergarten and other grades. I never attempt to do all five in one day, instead my goal is two or three. Another tip is to progress slowly bing respectful of where the students are and not where you think they should be.

Your Job once the students are working independently the teacher circulates and conferences with students. I begin conferencing in October during quiet centres. By the time my students are doing Daily Five independently they have already learned the routine for conferencing.

Finally I have added a category to my Pinterest collection. As my students progress I will add photos as well as collect examples from other Pinterest sites.

I hope that you found this useful.


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