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The Daily Five In Kindergarten

There are many rich ideas and resources on Pinterest and through 
the generosity of my fellow bloggers. I wanted to share some resources that I have discovered to save you some time as well as grow your knowledge. These are mostly Kindergarten sites.

This teacher, Katie Janowitz, has organized her daily five so that assigned groups to their stations in much the same manner as you would literacy work stations (re: D. Diller). This is a great stepping stone to independent choice.

If the Daily Five is a new framework for you then Erica Chowder is an excellent resource. She has posted regularly about the timeline, includes photos of students doing the daily five and makes suggestions about different ways other teachers have organized their frameworks. This site is highly recommended.

April Larremore also has been doing the Daily Five in her Kindergarten classroom. She includes lots of photos as well as organizational tips. She loves children's fiction and regularly introduces new books, purchased mostly from Scholastic, as well as resources that she has created or found through fellow bloggers.

If you are forming a PLG using the Daily Five here is a great Canadian site that includes short videos from Kindergarten teachers having conversations around learning, sharing their top instructional strategies or peeks into their classrooms.

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