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Instructional Literacy Strategies in Kindergarten

Shared Reading

Our school district has been providing professional inservice on the five essential components in the development of reading and writing that primary teachers should ensure are included in their literacy programs. They are comprehension, fluency, phonological awareness, vocabulary and word work. 

As I review my professional collection; Richard Allington, Anne Marie Franzen, Debbie Diller and Debbie Miller I decided to post about some of the strategies which they highly recommend and that I use in my daily practice.

Canada Council recommends that Kindergarten teachers include at least five shared readings every day. Wow!! That is a lot of reading. But think about the learning potential; fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, phonological awareness and word work. Add to this enjoyment and a high level of teacher support. Those are just a few reasons to reflect on your program and look for opportunities to include 3-5 shared readings every day.

In a Kindergarten classroom shared reading can be a read aloud of a great book, song or poem; interactive pocket chart or writing that has been co-written with your students such as a thank you letter, anchor chart or invitation.


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