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Teaching Rhyme In Kindergarten

Circle Time

Taking fifteen minutes at the end of the day to play a game and sing a song is the perfect opportunity to inject literacy into your program. A few of my students still need to play with rhyme so I went shopping at Balanced Literacy Diet, an internet site created by OISE in Ontario for Kindergarten teachers. It features short clips of Kindergarten teachers doing literacy activities with their students. I chose a fun interactive activity, The Corner Grocery Store, using Raffi's song, some food props from the house centre, a grocery bag and a shopping basket.

We sang the song and then one student at a time pulled out an item from the grocery bag (I chose one syllable objects like: corn, rice, bread, meat...) and came up with a rhyme. Then we sang the song again using the new silly sentence. Nonsense rhymes were accepted. We sang these silly rhymes and at the end of the day, the kids were singing the rhymes as they went out the door.

What do you do during circle time?  

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