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Teaching Rhyme In Kindergarten

I have been so fortunate this year. My daughter, also a Kindergarten teacher, has been teaching in my room one afternoon a week all year. This has provided me with an amazing opportunity to 
have continuous up-to-date assessment.  I am using the data to plan my program, most importantly my literacy intervention part of the classroom program.

I noticed today that about four of my kiddos need to work a little more with rhyme. They can hear a rhyme but are not yet producing. The rest of the class have mastered this important skill. Armed with the knowledge I will a) continue to play rhyming games, read rhyming books every day with my whole group and sing silly little rhymes with their names when dismissing them from groups b) pull aside my group of four to work on rhyme with me or an EA each morning. I think with this support that by the end of April they will have reached mastery. 

This is my plan:
1. Read books which feature rhyming photos on opposite pages.
2. Words Their Way rhyming picture boxes. We sort them into categories using the rhyming sound and then play games like
memory with them.
What do you do for rhyme? 

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  1. Your rhyme ideas sound great! Here's one I've used in the past:
    It's fun to draw these rhyming stories together.

  2. Thanks, my Kinders love monsters so this will be very well received!

    Liz :)


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